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"Terve löyly, terve lämmin

Terve tervehyttäjälle

Anna löyly rauhallinen

Puhtautta morsiolle"

Hosted by Löytöläntytär, Bridal Sauna is a magical celebration that the bride and her friends will always remember.

Throughout the ages, women have come together to share their hearts and unburden their feelings. Especially in times of transition, the support of friends has been invaluable.

The bridal shower is one such rite of passage with a long tradition. In the bridal sauna, the bride-to-be is given a sauna by friends to keep her pure both in mind and body as she enters a new phase in her life; a bride to her groom, a daughter-in-law to a strange family.

The bridal sauna is an enchanting ceremony for the bride and her friends. After the welcoming toast, the bride will enjoy a lovely head massage followed by a beautiful hair braiding with natural flowers. We will then sit in a magical circle of women to share our thoughts, show our support for the bride and celebrate your mutual friendship.

Then it's time for the bride's blessing itself, as we move into the atmospheric wood-burning sauna, decorated with natural flowers, where the bride will be cleansed of old witches and jealous grudges through various spells, songs and magic, and the happiness of the future union will be ensured.

After the bridal shower, you can continue the evening among friends, enjoying the warmth of the fire and each other's company.

The party lasts about 4-5 hours.

The bridal sauna includes:

  • A toast to the bride and her friends

  • Pampering head massage and hair braiding for the bride.

  • Women's circle with decorations + guidance

  • Sauna decorated with natural flowers

  • Bridal shower accessories and bridal shower

  • Sauna and hot tub heated for your use

  • Towels and wild water to enjoy during the sauna

  • Karkausmäki facilities for the duration of the programme

Once you have booked the bridal sauna, we will contact you by phone to ensure that the special wishes of your group are taken into account and that the party is exactly the way you want it.

There is no need to pay for the party immediately, we will send you an invoice once we have agreed the details.

You can also choose your catering from the Karkausmäki sauna menu options, which you can find at the top of the page.

If you wish to stay overnight, accommodation in double rooms from 79€/night/2hh. You can make your accommodation reservations here in the online shop, by email or by calling us.

Find out more about the Löytöläntytär, Löytöläntyttären's website!

Maximum number of participants 10 people. Please ask for a quote by email or by phone if there are more of you!