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About Löytöläntytär

Hey! I'm so glad that you have found my services!

I am a natural healer from Kinnula, Finland, a child of nature and a curious explorer of the world, Marja Suominen, aka Löytöläntytär.

I love stories, nature, the festive of everyday life and life's experience and great miracles.

I hope that I can lead you also to the magical moments of nature and your own nature with the help of my services.

My services include wonderful pampering massages, experiential bath ceremonies, sound journeys, nature youga and story-telling hikes to the lands of the forest spirits.

With the help of massages, you can enter a deep state of relaxation and well-being, allowing your body to let go of stress and tension and receive accepting care and touch.

Ceremony Baths are wonderful, magical opportunities to celebrate life, either as foot baths among a group or as a luxurious full bath, focusing on yourself. A bath decorated with flowers, bath salts prepared with a beautiful intention, and a sound journey that deepens the experience with a circle drum and song is an unforgettable experience!

Sound journeys and hikes to the lands of the forest spirits are touching, imagination-fuelling moments that are always shaped according to the group in question and are suitable for both the youngest and the oldest in the family.

My treatment room is located in Hiilinki, Kinnula, approx. 5 km from the center of Kinnula in the direction of Kivijärvi. Hikes, sound journeys and Ceremony footbaths can be organized according to the customer's wishes or together with the customer in a selected destination.


Find your nature. It flows deep within you and all around you. You can find it in a state of rest and relaxation, in the sensitive messages of your body and subconscious, as well as in the whispers of trees, mosses and forest ponds.


I hope to see you soon! <3